The Tempest Roar helm is a very powerful Unique Helm exclusive to the Druid in Diablo 4. It is known in-game as an Ancestral Unique Helm which is arguably the best piece of Druid gear. Its unique effect turns all of your Druid’s Storm Skills into Werewolf Skills, useful for enhancing the skills of your Druid build. The unique effect brought by the Tempest Roar helm modifies the Druid's skill types effectively, which is why it is so popular among Druid players.

Despite being such a perfect piece of gear for a Druid build, it's also one of the hardest Diablo 4 Items to come across. Due to Diablo 4’s random loot system, Unique level gear has a very low drop rate. This means that it is not easy to find the Tempest Roar helm. Here will show you how to find the Tempest Roar helm and its unique effect.

Like other Unique Items, players need to be on World Tier Three and above to obtain them drop. Due to the random nature of item drops, players may get dropped items anywhere. It is recommended that players jump to the World Tier Four. The higher difficulty of the level, the better the item drop rate.

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Of course, with such rare Unique gear, players could spend hours farming and end up with nothing. We recommend farming end-game content such as World Boss Fights and Helltide Events for a greater chance of getting higher-level loot. It's not too bad, and you at least get a ton of extra gear that you can sell for gold.

Tempest Roar’s unique effect is for Storm Wolf builds, it converts basic Storm skills into Werewolf skills and synergizes nicely with the Druid’s Werewolf and Storm abilities. Players also have a unique Lucky Hit factor while benefiting from the shapeshifting buff. Of course, the percentage of Lucky Hit will vary with armor. It is recommended that players buy D4 Gold to upgrade their armor.

It may take a lot of grinding but it's worth equipping the Druid with the Tempest Roar helm.